By Faisal Khan on February 28, 2023
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Hi and welcome to Internal Comms Insights Monthly – February Edition.

Another busy month has come to an end, let's wrap it up with our top news, insights and thought-leadership articles that focus on internal communication best practices, accelerating business performance and elevating the world's communication leaders.   

Preparing for a CEO Intro - A Fresh Look at a Timeless Challenge  

Selecting Leader Business Organization Human Resource

Few events are so predictable as the eventual change of a CEO.  

While the preparations do not have to be nearly as extensive as “Operation London Bridge” - the plan for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year, the idea of treating a CEO change as an expected event provides some insight not only to the preparation process - but for the logistics and messaging required to maximize the odds of a successful transition.    

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Utilizing Internal Comms to Achieve Positive Organizational Change

Man Jumping Over Precipice Between Two

An interview with Ulrich Gartner, owner of Gartner Communications, on the importance of internal communications and its role in successful organizational change.  

Ulrich Gartner is an experienced leader in the field of communications, specializing in strategic corporate communication, reputation management, crisis communication and restructuring communication.    

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Thinking Strategically About Internal Communications 

shutterstock_74260321 (1) (1)-1

The biggest opportunities that communicators face today when it comes to internal communications include: 

  • Leveraging communication tools, virtual workspaces, and global collaboration 
  • Engaging with stakeholders more quickly and easily 
  • Expanding the reach of messages and content through segmenting and targeting 
  • Fostering global collaboration through virtual workspaces  
Mike Klein, founder of #WeLeadComms and senior strategic advisor for Sparrow Connected interviews Dionne Ligoure, a 25-year corporate communications and head of corporate communications at Caribbean Airlines with a keen interest in entrepreneurship. 


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IC and the SME: When, How & Why? 

Blue Torn Paper Revealing Question Mark

Although the vast majority of UK businesses have an Internal Communication function (84%), less than a fifth (18%) have a stand-alone department responsible for delivering internal messaging. 

Anthony Monks, a Director at UK-based B2B technology PR consultancy, ITPR, recently completed a survey looking at How good (or bad) UK businesses are at communicating with their employees. 

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