By Faisal Khan on January 31, 2023
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Hi and welcome to Internal Comms Insights Monthly – January Edition. 

Another busy month has come to an end, let's wrap it up with our top news, insights and thought-leadership articles that focus on internal communication best practices, accelerating business performance and elevating the world's communication leaders.   

Top 10 Internal Comms Articles of 2022 

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In 2022, we saw new tools and technologies, new trends, and new ways of thinking about how internal communications teams can make their organizations more effective.   

We also saw some old truths hold steady:   

  • Internal communications is still essential in today's workplace  
  • Employees are still every company’s most valuable asset   
  • There's no substitute for effective communication 

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7 Tips to Reach Your Entire Workforce

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As you know, internal communications is a vital part of any company's success. It's the best way to ensure that employees are informed, motivated and engaged.  

But what if you have thousands of employees? How do you reach them all?  

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Stay Relevant in the Age of AI: 3 Skills for Internal Communicators 

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With the advent of artificial intelligence-based content generation tool ChatGPT, you can now safely say that content is no longer “king” — at least when it comes to the skills that internal communication pros bring to the table.  

So, what are some skills that can help you increase your relevance?  

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How Internal Comms Can Work Well with the C-Suite

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In the 2022 Communication Leaders Survey conducted by #WeLeadComms in partnership with AB and Sparrow Connected, the second biggest area of opportunity - and the biggest irritant - identified by communication leaders is the perception around the influence and value they have in their organizations.   

Overall, more than 15% of participating communication leaders across the globe think this is one of the top issues they face: one that gets in the way of their credibility and impact.  

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Navigating Uncertain Economic Times: Helpful Advice from Internal Comms Pros

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We know that internal communications professionals play an instrumental role in helping their organization navigate through difficult times. The pandemic is a testament to that. Now, as we’re navigating through a recession, internal communications will continue to be critical.  

We asked some of top internal communications professionals and experts to share their advice on how best to stay afloat and thrive in a recession. 

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Internal Communications Checklist for 2023

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Are these five to-dos on your internal communications checklist for 2023? 

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2023. This is the time to take a look at your internal communications strategy for the year and ensure you’re checking the right boxes. 

  • Recession-Proof Yourself 
  • Remove I.T. as a Roadblock 
  • Adopt an Omnichannel Strategy 
  • Measure and Communicate Impact Regularly 
  • Adopt the Internal Communication Tools You Need 

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Getting into “The Numbers Game” - Three Observations and an Opportunity 

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Measurement. Data. Numbers.  

Rather than being seen as sources of credibility and opportunity, these words often strike fear in the hearts of communication pros and leave them feeling weak and wobbly.  

Why "wobbly?"  

Explore 3 Observations and an Opportunity 



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