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Internal Comms Insights Monthly – October Edition

Another busy month has come to an end. Let’s wrap it up with our top news, insights, and thought-leadership articles that focus on internal communication best practices, accelerating business performance, and elevating the world’s communication leaders.  

Is Internal Communication’s Message Really Getting Through? 

The results of a recent study should serve as a well-timed reality check for IC pros going into 2023.  

Some of the top-line figures are alarming including: 

  • Only 49% of surveyed business leaders believe that internal communication adds bottom-line value to their organizations.  
  • 23% confirm a lack of interest from senior leaders as a barrier to investment in internal communication, and 14% say there is no budget. 

Find out what to do about these alarming figures.


Four Tips for Scaling Internal Comms as Your Company Grows 

A woman working on a laptop and thinking about how to make her business grow with a drawing of growth in a metaphorical way

If you’re a startup or smaller company with a small core team and a long history of working closely together, your internal comms may have been somewhat on-the-hoof.  

And that didn’t matter before the pandemic - because, when issues arise with a small team, you can call an impromptu meeting at the drop of a hat. With the changing world, the need to change our ways to scale IC has also changed.  

Here are four helpful tips to scale internal comms today:  

  • Formalize internal communications
  • Be clear and honest in your communications
  • Turn employees into advocates
  • Get an outside perspective

Learn how to scale up your company’s internal comms.  


Working With The C-Suite: Part 1 

Working The C-Suite

Working with the C-Suite is considered one of the biggest challenges facing internal communication leaders today.  

To shed some light on the issue, we asked an internal communications consultant and an in-house internal communications professional to discuss the topic. 

Read part 1 of their intriguing 3-part conversation to learn: 

  • What It Takes to Work with the C-suite
  • How to Survive in The Corporate World
  • How to Gain Trust of Your Employers
  • …and much more!

Read the discussion between our senior strategic advisor, Mike Klein and IC pro, Thomas Grøndorf. 


Working with the C-Suite: Part 2 

C-Suite Part 2

In part 2 of our Working with the C-Suite blog series, the intriguing conversation between Mike Klein, our Senior Strategic Advisor, and Thomas Grøndorf, a 20+ year communications veteran, continues with a focus on the importance of: 

  • Communication 
  • Confidence 
  • Trust  

Read part 2 of this discussion.  


Internal Comms: What’s The “Tipping Point” For Small & Medium Businesses 

Tipping Point

How big of an organization do you need to be to have a professional approach to internal communication? 

There’s no easy answer but our Senior Strategic Advisor, Mike Klein, explores this topic at length, covering points like: 

  • What is your footprint?  
  • Coherence and cohesion 
  • Employees as communicators   
  • Avoiding a false economy 
  • ...and many more! 

Learn about the tipping point for small businesses. 


Top 7 Benefits of The Sparrow Connected Internal Comms Platform 


After communicating with the internal comms pros from small startups to large, multinational corporations daily, we’ve found one similarity: they lack the tools they need to deliver relevant, timely communications to employees and measure business impact.  

At Sparrow Connected, we are on a mission to change this by arming internal comms teams with the right technology.  

Here are just a few of the benefits of our platform: 

  • Seamlessly integrates with the tools you are already using   
  • Enables you to reach all your employees including those without corporate email addresses 
  • Gives you access to data to help you improve the performance of your communications 
  • Lets you publish once and distribute to all your communication channels

Learn more about the benefits of Sparrow Connected.


A Guide to SMB Internal Communication


Did you know that what leaders and employees in a small business expect from communication differs across many fronts? 

Paired with emerging demands for radical corporate transparency, this leaves many SMBs confused about when and how to communicate.  

Here are four tips from the guide on how to improve internal comms at your company: 

  • Master thoughtful, balanced messaging
  • Anticipate and prepare for employee responses
  • Ask for feedback and leverage surveys
  • Develop a regular communication cadence

Learn more about improving internal comms at your company.  


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