By Rameesha Syed on September 27, 2022
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Hi and welcome to Internal Comms Insights Monthly – September Edition.

Another busy month has come to an end. Let’s wrap it up with our top news, insights, and thought-leadership articles that focus on internal communication best practices, accelerating business performance, and elevating the world’s communication leaders.

Changing The Way Companies Leverage Newsletters to Reach Employees 

Are you sending newsletters that employees aren’t reading? It’s time to make them intelligent! 

Our Intelligent Newsletters are literally changing the way organizations leverage newsletters to communicate with their employees.

What makes Sparrow Connected newsletters intelligent? 

  • They dynamically create a personal newsletter with relevant content for each employee 
  • They reach all employees with and without corporate email addresses 
  • They are measurable with analytics for an entire newsletter over a time period and individual issues of a newsletter 
  • ...and more! 

Learn more about how Sparrow Connected’s Intelligent Newsletters can help you. 


Make It Personal

Sparrow Connected Blog Post

What if the future of internal comms is personal? 

The last couple of years as we’ve navigated the chaos of the: –  

  • accumulative impacts of the pandemic 
  • increased focus on diversity, inclusion, equity  
  • disruption of hybrid work 
  • movement into The Great Resignation and War on Talent  

A new conversation is starting to bubble up that goes something like this: “Don’t treat me like everyone else, I’m different.” 

We need to make comms personal in this post-pandemic world.  

Learn how in this insightful blog post by our senior strategic advisor, Priya Bates.


How To Close Your Biggest Communication Gap

Sparrow Connected Blog Post-3

A significant percentage of the global workforce is disconnected from the organizations they work for because they don’t have access to the digital channels used for internal communications. 

At Sparrow Connected, we know from years of working with companies across North America that most frontline workers aren’t given Microsoft licenses.   

“The problem with not having Microsoft accounts for every employee is that a percentage of your workforce is out of the loop from a digital communication point of view. It creates a two-tier employee culture.”  

 - Chris Izquierdo, CEO, Sparrow Connected 

Find out how easy it is to close this communication gap. 


Can Better Employee Surveys Help Address Quiet Quitting? 

Sparrow Connected Blog Post-4

Quiet quitting has been making headlines. But what is it? Why is it happening? What can be done about it?   

We sifted through quite a few articles about quiet quitting in a search to find out what’s driving it.  

Here’s a list of just some of the reasons people are quietly quitting: 

  • Changing workplace demographic 
  • Aftermath of the pandemic 
  • Burnout  
  • Psychologically unsafe work environments 

Learn more about what’s driving quiet quitting and how internal comms can help. 


What Makes Adopting Sparrow Connected Different? 

Happy employees receiving internal communications on different devices

It happens all the time. You invested in an internal communication platform that fell short.  

The company presented at a conference, you researched them, and everything seemed to check out — but they ultimately failed to give you the results you were looking for. 

So how would adopting Sparrow Connected be different?  

  •  Easy Integration for High Adoption 
  • Personalized Messages for Maximum Engagement 
  • Intelligent Reminders for Minimal Disruption 
  • Detailed Analytics for Continuous Improvement 

Find out more about why adopting Sparrow Connected is different. 


IC Leaders Need to Think “Hand on The Wheel” Before “Seat at The Table”

Being in control by steering the wheel on the ship

It’s been six months since Mike Klein, a communications leader with 30+ years of experience and founder of the growing #WeLeadComms movement, joined forces with Sparrow Connected on our mission to elevate the internal comms profession.  

To see how far we’ve come (and how far we still have to go), we asked Mike to share his thoughts, observations and insights on the state of the internal communication industry today.  

“IC leaders - and Chief Communication Officers - need to make the case that they already have a hand on the wheel and that it makes sense for us to also have a seat at the table.” 
- Mike Klein, Founder, #WeLeadComms 

Check out the insightful interview with Mike Klein.


What’s Next:    


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