By Faisal Khan on January 17, 2023
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Navigating Uncertain Economic Times: Helpful Advice from Internal Comms Pros 


Welcome back to our internal communications advice series designed to help internal communications professionals of all levels gain the knowledge and insights they need to accelerate their careers and become the strategic communication leaders their organizations need. 

We know that internal communications professionals play an instrumental role in helping their organization navigate through difficult times. The pandemic is a testament to that. Now, as we’re navigating through a recession, internal communications will continue to be critical. 

We asked some of top internal communications professionals and experts to share their advice on how best to stay afloat and thrive in a recession. 

Here's who they are and what they had to say: 

Ulrich Gartner on Crisis and Restructuring Communications 

Owner of Gartner Communications | Strategic Corporate Communications Expert 

Recesession Quote 1 - Ulrich

Expert Advice 

"Internal communicators are instrumental in helping organizational leadership stay afloat during difficult times by creating a lucid narrative about their objectives and decisions.” 

Internal communication professionals are uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate through a recession. Their ability to craft a narrative that is both clear and transparent will be essential in helping the organization remain competitive and productive. 

About Ulrich Gartner 

Ulrich is the founder and owner of Gartner Communications. His experience over the years has taught him the importance of creating a lucid narrative when it comes to communicating the objectives and decisions of an organization. He has worked closely with internal communication teams to ensure they are well-equipped with the right tools and methods to deliver their message effectively.  


Mike Klein on Superconnecting 

Communication Strategist & Consultant | Changing The Terms & #WeLeadComms 

Recesession Quote 2 - Mike

Expert Advice 

“In times of recession, communication leaders should consider expanding their scope by driving introductions between people in the business to create meaningful connections –superconnecting.” 

Creating meaningful connections can help an organization remain agile and focused on its goals during difficult times. Internal communications teams need to understand the importance of proactively introducing people to each other in order to foster collaboration and create innovative solutions. 

About Mike Klein 

Mike is the founder and principal of Changing The Terms, a consultancy focused on internal communications, change and social communication.   
For more than 20 years, starting with research at London Business School in the late ‘90s, Mike has worked with organizations in the United States and Europe on pressing strategic communication challenges. In early 2021, Mike founded #WeLeadComms, an initiative to recognize initiative, courage, and leadership across the communication profession.   


Priya Bates on Transparency and Trust 

Communication Strategist & Consultant | Inner Strength Communication Inc. 

Recesession Quote 3 - Priya

Expert Advice 

"Your job is to keep employees and leaders connected and informed to deliver on the strategy and drive stability and success during times of uncertainty. Remember to be transparent to build trust and drive productivity." 

Transparency is essential in creating a culture of trust and understanding. Internal communication teams should be clear, concise, and consistent in their messaging to ensure that employees are adequately informed and up-to-date on the organization's plans. This will help foster collaboration and drive productivity during times of economic difficulty.  

About Priya Bates 

Priya Bates is a communication strategist and consultant at Inner Strength Communication Inc. She has extensive experience in providing strategic communication advice to executives on topics ranging from business rebranding, media and public relations, change management, and sales floor effectiveness. Priya believes that internal communication is the key to successful organizational performance during times of economic difficulty.  

Chris Izquierdo on Digitization & Technology 

CEO | Sparrow Connected 

Recesession Quote 4 - Chris

Expert Advice 

"Digitization is an unavoidable reality for many professions in tougher economic times. As a result, internal communications must be prepared to embrace new technologies in order to remain competitive and productive." 

As tougher economic times continue, it’s time for internal communications to embrace new technology.   

About Chris Izquierdo 

Chris Izquierdo is the CEO of Sparrow Connected, a global enterprise communication platform. Chris defines the strategy, partnerships and vision for Sparrow Connected to be recognized as a global thought leader in employee communication. He speaks at international tech conferences about the future of work and how technology can redefine employee engagement.  

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