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What is Sparrow Connected?

Sparrow Connected is an omnichannel employee communication platform simplifying content publishing, notifications, and analytics. Sparrow Connected allows you to communicate with your entire workforce from the frontlines to the head office. With features such as segmentation, mandatory posts, and multilingual support, Sparrow Connected will improve engagement and reach with your communication regardless of your industry, size and maturity level.

Take a quick look at our platform and learn how Sparrow Connected can help you communicate with your entire workforce.

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Reach the right people, the right way


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Immerse into a modern, engaging Intranet

Revamp or revive your Intranet with Sparrow Connected's easy to configure widgets that will help it take flight.

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Turn MS Teams into an employee communications hub

Sparrow Connected can turn the noise around MS Teams messages and conversations into an employee communication hub.

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Reach your entire workforce even those on the frontlines

Sparrow Connected's brandable mobile apps support social media and custom logins, providing a measurable digital channel to communicate with your frontline staff and beyond.

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Our High-Level Features


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Publish Once


Content creation is easy with Sparrow Connected taking care of formatting, notifications, reminders and publishing across all your channels.

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Audience Segmentation


Organize your content into topics and align its importance to audiences, so that every post gets the right person.

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Content Targeting


Create audiences by demographic data such as role, division, location or tenure.

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Interaction & Engagement


Turn employee communication into an intimate dialog with your workforce.

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"How much does it cost?"

For less than cup of coffee per person per month, Sparrow Connected can transform your workforce communications and employee experience across all your digital channels. No fidgeting with budgets to optimize what channel you can afford for what users. At Sparrow Connected, we like to make everything simple, from our screens to our pricing. Simple and easy, like you deserve.

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Why we are different

We understand how difficult it is to be a communication professional. With so many stakeholders, so much “wasted” time spent formatting and disseminating content, notifying and reminding employees. We designed Sparrow Connected from the ground-up to be a communication platform that solves your challenges. Sparrow Connected is unique because we don’t look at the world through the lens of technology or collaboration; we look at it through the eyes of a communication professional.

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