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Turn Microsoft Teams into the Ultimate Internal Communication Hub

Bring your internal communications where your employees are. Microsoft Teams is changing the game in how people work. Employees everywhere are using the platform to communicate, collaborate and plan tasks. Yet, productivity gains in Microsoft Teams can happen at the cost of decreased activity in the intranet and lowered overall engagement. Sparrow Connected for Teams turns Microsoft Teams into an effective internal communications hub, so you can reach everyone in the organization right where they do their work and connect the entire company.



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Employee communication app that connects everyone, regardless where they are

Sparrow Connected gives you the tools you need to keep your all employees informed right inside of Microsoft Teams. Here is how.

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Authoritative communication that stands out from the chatter

Out of the box, Microsoft Teams is an excellent means for immediate communications but falls short in authoritative communications. Sparrow Connected for Teams bridges that gap by turning MS Teams into a medium for internal communications, so you can reach all employees inside the platform they are already using for work and collaboration.

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Tailored to each team and each individual employee

When it comes to communication, one size does not fit all. Your employees need information that is relevant to them and helps with their jobs. Our solution lets you send targeted news to each individual employee that is tailored to their role, location and interests. Take this functionality even further and target entire departments or project teams to ensure that everyone stays in the know.

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Prioritized information so nothing (and no one) gets missed

Time-sensitive and high-importance information needs to reach everyone. Easily notify all employees when you post urgent communications and indicate when something is a required read, breaking news or needs to be acknowledged by each staff member. Then, monitor who has read and acknowledged information to understand the effectiveness of communication.

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Workforce that is engaged and empowered

A sense of community builds trust and promotes employee engagement. With Sparrow Connected for Teams you can bring employees into the conversation and allow select people or teams to post news on chosen topics. Whether it is local updates, department news or grass-roots and community initiatives you can tailor access to publishing to fit your organization.

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Available to everyone – frontlines too!

Sparrow Connected for Teams is available on any device that supports Microsoft Teams application, be it desktop, iOS or Android. That means all employees stay connected and up to date on internal communications, including those at the frontlines without access to a desktop. If your frontline workers are not on Teams, Sparrow Connected mobile app will bridge the communication gap.

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Integrated with your intranet for a cohesive experience

Sparrow Connected for Teams works with your intranet, so you post once but publish where you need: intranet, Teams or mobile app.


Rich analytics to see where you stand

Measure, analyse and report the effectiveness of communication efforts. A rich analytics dashboard in Sparrow Connected will help you measure communication performance and make strategic decisions based on real-time data.

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Need Crisis Communications in Microsoft Teams?

When an emergency happens, you want to be able to reach your people and manage the situation. Checkout Sparrow Connected for Crisis Communications, also hosted within Microsoft Teams

Sparrow Connected in Action

Turn Microsoft Teams into a communication hub for your enterprise.

Become the communication professional your workforce needs— take the first step.