Controlar Group Boosts Employee Engagement and Culture by Improving Internal Communications 




Company Overview 

David Leite is a Project Management Officer at Controlar Group, a global technology company headquartered in Portugal that is innovating industry through the development and production of advanced industrial applications. With more than two hundred employees, Controlar operates through a network of global production units and companies, regional offices and partners 

  • Global company with headquarters in Portugal 
  • 200+ employees across multiple companies and countries
  • Adopted Sparrow Connected in 2021 
  • 50% deskless workforce 
  • Technology industry
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The primary challenge that Controlar Group was trying to solve was the lack of effective internal communication company-wide. They were relying primarily on email, word-of-mouth and printed information. As a result, important emails were getting lost in flooded inboxes, facts were being distorted as messages were passed along from employee to employee, printed materials were being overlooked and half their workforce that is deskless was being left out of communications completely because they don't have access to digital channels during their workday. 

The company leadership recognized that there were significant gaps in communication that were having a negative impact on employee engagement and culture. They knew they needed an efficient way to engage their employees in company subjects across multiple digital channels while maintaining the same social media feel that they are used to in their personal lives. 

Top Challenges

Lack of effective communication
Low engagement with communications 
Reaching deskless workers
Reliance on printed communications
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To solve these communication challenges, Controlar decided to adopt Sparrow Connected as its omnichannel internal communications platform. Sparrow Connected has given the company an efficient and effective way to share information across their entire workforce, from the offices to the production lines, in multiple languages and countries, on the channels and devices employees actually use.


Since implementing Sparrow Connected, Controlar has seen remarkable improvements in both their employee engagement and culture. They have found that employees are engaged in posting content and comments and they appreciate being able to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the company and see their coworkers’ work and progress in realtime on the channels they prefer. One added benefit of being able to reach employees on a broader range of digital channels is a reduction in printed materials, which has had a positive environmental impact.

"My experience with Sparrow Connected has been amazing since day one. The implementation was quick and easy. Unlike other software solutions I've rolled out in the past, we haven't experienced any technical issues with Sparrow Connected which is very refreshing. It's an amazing internal comms platform and we started to see improvements in efficiency and company culture right away. I highly recommend Sparrow Connected!”

- David Leite, Project Management Officer, Controlar Group

Improved frequency and efficiency off communications 

Increased engagement with communications

Improved company culture

Reduction in print communication

Concluding Thoughts 

Controlar’s implementation of Sparrow Connected has had a significant and positive impact on their employee engagement and company culture. They have been able to improve their communications overall, increase employee engagement, and reduce paper waste. Controlar is confident that Sparrow Connected will be a key factor in the company’s continued growth and success. 


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