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Building Connections at Delnor Construction



The Challenge

For over 30 years, Delnor has provided professional construction services to a wide range of organizations and institutions across Alberta. Their business philosophy is to build relationships, not just buildings, and that philosophy drove them to choose Sparrow Connected for better connecting their entire organization.

Chris Bodnar, Director of Human Resources, oversees the Human Resources, IT, Safety, and Administration departments at Delnor, and he understands the importance of connecting all employees to the organization – especially given the siloed nature of the construction industry.

“Delnor project managers look after specific market segments such as affordable housing, school, or healthcare and inherently, that creates a siloed dichotomy. When we had project-related news – from a big win to a project completion – the rest of the company didn’t necessarily know,” says Bodnar.

"Effective and efficient communication: that’s what drove us. We sat down and said ‘Over two-thirds of our workforce are mobile employees. How can we efficiently reach the most users with one platform?”

Chris Bodnar
Director of Human Resources, Delnor

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The Solution: Why Sparrow Connected?

Bodnar and his team took a straight-forward approach to finding the right tool; it had to be easy to implement, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

“It definitely interested us that upon first launch we could integrate Sparrow Connected with our Active Directory, so that we didn’t have to manually create accounts and worry about administration from the backend,” says Bodnar. Delnor has also utilized Sparrow Connected's Facebook and Gmail support to add extra users who don’t have physical Delnor accounts.

From the front end, the simplicity of Sparrow Connected's user experience is the perfect fit for Delnor. “We want our information to get to all employees, from office accountants and administration staff, to a labourer, carpenter, or a foreman out on site and the simplest framework is often the best,” says Bodnar.

Building a Connected Future

In the coming months, Delnor looks forward to driving three key organizational improvements with Sparrow Connected:


Increasing Employee Awareness

From the desk to the field, employees at Delnor work in a multitude of roles and regions, but an underlying commonality is their desire for awareness of what’s happening with their company at large. They want to be involved, know what’s going on, and be a part of what Delnor is doing.

Promoting a Sense of Community

The concept of building relationships, not just buildings, is founded on sharing and great communication. Through Sparrow Connected, Delnor will be able to easily share real-time news such as job postings, new hires, project success, awards, charitable endeavors and more, truly fostering a sense of community.

Efficient and Effective Information Sharing

Sparrow Connected connects with any Delnor employee, fast. “You just push an update out and within a few minutes everyone will have access to it, and that’s important to us,” says Bodnar. “Safety notifications get out immediately to everyone, not just the supervisor who has to draft an email or hold a meeting to inform [his team]. It’s been really effective that way.”

“[Implementing Sparrow Connected at Delnor] has been a very positive experience, given that effective communication was a real pinch-point expressed by our employees. Sparrow Connected shows that we’ve heard them and we are doing something about it.”

Chris Bodnar
Director of Human Resources, Delnor

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