How Field Law took its employee communications to the next level


A bit about Field Law

Field Law is a law firm with offices across western and northern Canada. The firm has been serving clients for over 100 years. Even with its long history of providing legal counsel, it is always looking for new ways to serve its clients.

Field Law is a firm that empowers its 300+ dedicated employees to tackle operational efficiencies, exceed client’s needs, manage change, and tend to a culture of innovation.

They understand that effective internal communication is the key to building and sustaining a strong and committed team and successfully executing improvements throughout the firm.

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Objections and Expectations

With firm-wide initiatives for innovation taking place over the next couple of years, Field Law needed a better way to communicate with their employees. They were looking for a new internal communications solution to replace their outdated intranet, which would encourage employees to have more conversations about the business and innovation initiatives.

The firm also needed help with a common workplace communication challenge they were facing – dispersed offices. Like most large organizations, Field Law has a complex internal structure, which made it challenging for teams to communicate and keep up with other departments’ work effectively.  

Enabling employees to communicate successfully regardless of where they are was a top priority for Field Law.

What’s more, Field Law was leveraging new technology to help with operational efficiencies and to meet client needs better. As such, they needed a clearly defined process to drive this change successfully. 

Understanding the importance of internal communication to change management, they needed a platform that would be user-friendly and have a high adoption rate. Sparrow Connected was the best solution to meet their needs.

Sparrow Connected In Action


Launching Sparrow Connected at Field Law

Field Law launched Sparrow Connected in fall 2019. “Adoption was great from the outset,” says Kyle Myck, IT Director at Field Law. “The team put together a music-themed launch plan, which included a video where firm members lip-synched to classic songs that referenced Sparrow Connected's features.”

Launch day included a firm-wide viewing party. Each office gathered to enjoy Field Law branded cake, and watch the power of their new Sparrow Connected communication platform take flight.

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Reaching every employee with the right information at the right time – when they need it most

“The firm has seen success during these last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.” According to Kyle.  “We’ve used Sparrow Connected as a hub for COVID-19 communications. It provides employees constant updates on what we’re doing as an organization, sharing resources for mental health, and tips on how to stay healthy, safe, and productive.” For many organizations, this crisis has put internal communications and change management processes to the test. By embracing the Sparrow Connected platform, Field Law has been able to implement internal communications best practices and help mitigate some of the fears the pandemic has caused.

In addition to COVID-19 updates, Sparrow Connected is used to provide regular updates on what Field Law is doing from a technology standpoint. In the legal industry a lot of work is done in person, so the transition to remote working created a challenge for Field Law. Collaboration tools were rolled out quickly to all Field Law partners within a few days, and video conferencing technologies were adopted as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Without a tool like Sparrow, the ability to inform people of these Sparrow Connected and make materials, such as quick reference guides, easily accessible, would have been extremely difficult to execute.

As with any good internal crisis communication strategy, Field Law has balanced formal communications with some lighthearted outreach. It’s been recently discovered that many at Field Law are watching Tiger King to get them through these tough days!

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Improved communications in the workplace

Sparrow Connected has helped Field Law take its internal communications to the next level. Now, employees have regular discussions about the latest company news. Additionally, Sparrow Connected has enabled Field Law to build its employee directory.

As part of the Sparrow Connected roll out, Field Law held a photo contest to encourage staff to enter their photo into the directory. When launched, the directory was the most popular spot to visit. As a result, Fielders are connecting with their colleagues and bridging any communication gaps they had experienced previously.

“The Sparrow Connected platform has helped us enhance our internal communications, manage the quick changes brought on by COVID-19, and support our innovation culture. We’ve recognized the benefits of the Sparrow Connected connected workplace and look forward to leveraging more of it in the future.”

Kyle Myck
IT Director, Field Law

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