Sparrow Connected for Municipalities

A strategic communication solution for the entire municipality

One platform to facilitate communication with your entire municipality from your council to your employees, contractors and seasonal workers. Stop babysitting difficult to use tools that are not integrated and start sending with the push of a button relevant content to your entire municipality.

Drive a great employee experience, engagement, and organization alignment.

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How are we different?

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Communicate with Full-time, Seasonal, Contractors and Part-time Workers

Designed for municipalities between 500 to 15,000 employees.

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Transform Communications into Conversations

Allow your entire workforce to comment, react, and engage with your communications.

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Bring Content to Each Employee's Preferred Channel

Create your content once — Sparrow Connected automatically makes it available in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Intelligent Newsletters, Email, SMS (Text), and your branded Mobile Apps.

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Simplify Your Workload

Sparrow Connected takes care of publishing, formatting, notifications, reminders, and analytics from one central platform. No more cross-posting, copy and pasting, manually sending reminders, and keeping different platforms in synch. Focus on your content, leave the hard work to us.

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