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Logging in

The Sign-In Screen

One of the many Sparrow features is the ability to reach everyone in your organization, even those without corporate accounts.

Whether you're logging to your Intranet Lite (Company Portal), or your branded Mobile App, the process remains the same.

Take note! Sparrow is the developer and provider of these channels; however, your organization may have renamed these channels to better fit your company branding.

How do I sign in?

You can access your Intranet Lite through modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, and your Mobile app by downloading it from Google Play or iOS App Stores.

The URL and/or the name of the app will depend on your organization's brand. Please request these details from your administrator, or your internal communications team.

Once you've accessed the link or downloaded the app, you'll land on the Sparrow Login Screen. You can sign in using the provider that your admin has identified.

Which account do I use?

The account you’ll use depends on what your administrator, or communications team has identified and/or provided.

Your Microsoft Work Account is created from your company's Microsoft Active Directory (AD). AD is a common directory service provided and created by Microsoft. This is a centralized directory for employee records and data such as your name, role, contact information and more.

Employees usually get a Work Account branded with the company name. For example, If this email comes from your AD and has been provided by your admin, sign in using Microsoft Work Account.

Some organizations prefer account types of accounts from different providers such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Apple.

Request an invitation from your admin to register your account.Your admin will ask for the email address that you’d like to use as your login credentials. You will then receive an invitation in your inbox, and this email will redirect you back to the login screen. Choose the provider that best suits you to sign in— your email would have already been granted access at this point.

You organization can also create an account for you directly within Sparrow.

If this is the case, you should be provided with a unique username and a temporary password, or you should have received an email invitation to login.

Login Screen

Get more help

Whether you're using your browser or your mobile app, once you successfully login you will be automatically redirected to your news feeds or homepage.

If you are seeing this error, then either:

  1. The account type (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, etc.) that you used is different from the one you have previously used to sign in with, or is different from the account type that your administrator has granted access to.
  2. Your account does not exist in your organization’s directory.
Contact your administrator to confirm which type of account has been granted access; or to get your account registered within your organization.

No, except for Sparrow Accounts. All other login credentials and details are handled and processed by the provider you useMicrosoft, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, or Facebook. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy or contact your administrator.

We use unique codes each time an employee downloads the mobile app. This error means that your organization has ran out of redemption codes. The Sparrow team has been notified and more redemption codes are being created. Sit tight and try again later.
Take note! These codes are only used to manage the download count. They do not contain any personal or tracking information.

Your administrator, or communications team have a record of which account type you can use.

We're here to help!

With the Sparrow platform, you can communicate with your entire workforce, from the field to the head office. Our team is committed to your success. Reach out for any questions, suggestions, or for a more personalized conversation!