Employee Engagement or

It's Time to Choose.

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Watch the second webinar in our #WeLeadComms + Sparrow Connected Webinar Series.  

Our highly-regarded speakers explored why it's time for internal communications and leadership teams to stop focusing on measuring employee engagement and start measuring what actually matters – the impact that internal communications have on real business objectives.  

Watch to learn: 

  • How to challenge the “employee engagement” obsession  
  • What to measure instead and tips on how to do it  
  • Two questions you really need to ask employees  
  • How to shift to measuring business impact today  
  • ...And much, much more! 

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Event Details & Speakers

Date: Thursday, June 16th 
Time: 11:00 am EDT/8:00 am PDT/4:00 pm BST 
Length: 45 minutes + Q&A  
Host: Julie Ford, Head of Content, Sparrow Connected

Mike Klein
Mike Klein
Founder of #WeLeadComms
Location Grey Vector Icon, HD Png Download - kindpng Iceland
Sparrow Connected - Webinar 2022 - Jonas
Jonas Bladt Hansen
Partner, ConnectMinds
Location Grey Vector Icon, HD Png Download - kindpng Denmark
Sparrow Connected - Webinar 2022 - Priya LD
Priya Bates
President and Owner at Inner Strength Communication
Location Grey Vector Icon, HD Png Download - kindpng Canada