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We give internal communications teams across the globe the tools they need to measure AND be recognized for what actually matters - business impact.

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A Note from Our Founder & CEO, Chris Izquierdo

"One of the reasons I started Sparrow Connected is because I truly believe that internal communication professionals deserve better.

They deserve better tools to do their jobs well.

They deserve a better way to understand the impact that their work has on significant business outcomes.

But most importantly, they deserve a seat at the executive table.  

My vision for the not-so-distant future is a world where communication leaders are sitting alongside the CEOs, CFOs and CMOs when the decisions are made at the executive table.

My mission is to make this vision a reality. 

Together, we have the power to elevate the internal communication profession - and get internal communication pros to the executive table sooner."  Join Us!

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Our Mission

Sparrow Connected - About us - Values-109

Sparrow Connected aspires to transform the digital work experience for billions of employees across the world using the power of inclusivity, meaningful connections, and personalized experiences.

Our Values


We’re open, welcoming, and friendly. We take the time to understand others’ concerns and are compassionate and generous with our knowledge and how it can help.

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We continuously evolve and innovate, pushing the limits of employee communication platforms to serve our customers and elevate the internal communications profession.


We’re real, down-to-earth, and relatable. There is no pretentious filler here, what you see is what you get. We genuinely want to see people succeed.

Sparrow Connected - About us - Values-109 copy
Sparrow Connected - About us - Values-110 copy


We’re in it for the long-run, not for any short-term gains. We put others’ needs first and are committed to delivering only unbiased advice that is truly valuable.

A Single Disconnected Employee Costs an Average of $16,000/Year, according to Forbes.

Join the growing number of companies using Sparrow Connected to keep their employees connected. 

Experience the benefits of a connected workplace

“Sparrow Connected is the most innovative employee communication app on the market. Not only does the app aggregate content across different internal communication platforms, it is user friendly, social media enabled and constantly collects analytics that inform strategic communication planning.”
Claire Watson, ABC, MC, APR
Vice President, Strategic Communication Management, Cropley Communications
“Our workforce spends little time at a desk and it’s been a challenge to keep people informed through traditional means. Sparrow Connected allows us to deliver information through an easy to use and engaging mobile channel. It has revolutionized the way we connect and share knowledge.”
Nick Culo
General Manager, Corporate Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Finning (Canada)

“Sparrow Connected has a team of professionals who work with you collaboratively to ensure your intranet is developed in a way to help you meet your project goals. They are efficient and very client focused.”

Kelly Sansom
Manager, Communications, Tervita

“The Sparrow Connected platform has helped us enhance our internal communications, manage the quick changes brought on by COVID-19, and support our innovation culture. We’ve recognized the benefits of the Sparrow Connected connected workplace and look forward to leveraging more of it in the future.”

Kyle Myck
IT Director, Field Law

“[Implementing Sparrow Connected at Delnor] has been a very positive experience, given that effective communication was a real pinch-point expressed by our employees. Sparrow Connected shows that we’ve heard them and we are doing something about it.”

Chris Bodnar
Director of Human Resources, Delnor

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