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Prove it with Analytics

From pre-publishing and compliance reports to understanding trends and providing content insights across all channels, Sparrow Connected analytics have been designed for communication professionals.

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Get the attention and compliance that your organization needs

Sparrow Connected's Mandatory and Compliance features make sure your workers read important content, regardless of where they are. Measure how quickly your compliance requirements are fulfilled, and share the insights with your executive team.

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Publish, manage, collect with ease

Content comes in different types and forms, and can be produced in large volumes. Sparrow Connected helps you manage your announcements, updates, news, events, surveys, and more.

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Be there during the times you are needed the most 

Sparrow Connected Crisis Center helps you track and communicate your workforce during emergencies. A vital component of your emergency action plan, Sparrow Connected Crisis Centre sends emergency alert notifications and monitors employee safety via SMS and Microsoft Teams.

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Go beyond impressions and reach, it's about the engagement 

Turn employee communication into an intimate dialog with your workforce. Allow collaboration and engagement through reactions, comments, and more to empower every person in your workplace.

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Diverse & Global

Easily make everyone feel included with Sparrow Connected's use to use multi-lingual features which include automatic draft translation and user language preferences. With over 170 languages to choose from, and it only taking a few seconds to translate, bring everyone together.

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Make sure everyone's on the same page

Regardless of where on the Sparrow Connected platform, and regardless of language, we keep all comments and engagement together. You have one organization, one workforce, and we treat them that way. Allow the multi-lingual nature of your workforce come together, instead of being split apart.

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Create your content once, publish it everywhere

Content creation is easy with Sparrow Connected taking care of formatting, notifications, reminders and publishing across all your channels. No more cross posting, no more having to create the content multiple times, no more wasted time.

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Personalize your communication for each worker

Create audiences by demographic data such as role, division, location or tenure. Send the right content to the right audience to avoid overwhelming workers with digital noise.

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Simple, thoughtful logins

Whether its Sparrow Connected's integration with SharePoint and Teams, or for users logging into Sparrow Connected Mobile, enjoy Microsoft 365 Single-Sign-On with all the extra security elements your IT has put in place. And for Sparrow Connected Mobile and the Web Portals, extend your reach with social login users (Google, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, etc) and more.

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Transform feedback into growth

Feed key decisions with essential survey feedback, or draw everyone in and determine engagement with questions about their favorite shows, Sparrow Connected allows you to reach across all platforms with ease making everyone feel like a first-class citizen.


One Platform For All Channels

Sparrow Connected brings all the pieces together. Discover the power of an omnichannel platform. You can use one, or use them all. The choice is yours.

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