Some Things Are Better Watched


Crunched for time? We get it, videos are faster. Your time is valuable.
That’s why, we have created a few “non-award winning” videos for you to enjoy. 

A Quick Intro to Sparrow Connected

Meet Sparrow Connected and learn how our award winning platform can help you can send the right message to the right employees on their preferred channels while measuring every single interaction. 

MySparrow End User Tutorial

Discover how Sparrow Connected turns MS Teams into an effective employee communication platform. Learn about Sparrow Connected's communication chatbot, and the power of the “MySparrow” siderail application. (approx. 5 minutes)

Sparrow Connected for Teams

A quick introduction to Sparrow Connected for Microsoft Teams. We brings corporate communication to MS Teams allowing you to target content to your employees. With a dedicated chatbot, Sparrow Connected eliminates the noise associated with notifications in MS Teams and ensures your employees receive critical information on the platform they are using to collaborate and get work done. (approx. 1.5 minutes)

A Classic Overview of Sparrow Connected

A long time ago, when our egg hatched, we put together a short video to share who we are to the world. We’ve grown up since, evolving from a mobile-centric solution to a mobile + Intranet solution, to an omnichannel communications platform that reaches across all communication channels. That said, we believe it is still worth a look. (approx. 1.5 minutes)

When You Need Agreement: Compliance Posts

Do you have content that you not only need people to see but to explicitly agree to? Are you emailing around policy updates and manually determining who has and hasn’t complied? Check out Sparrow Connected's compliance feature. (approx. 8 minutes)

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