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Our solutions help organizations be more competitive in an ever changing world. Sparrow Connected is built to solve the problems that communication professionals face. From brand advocacy to crisis communications, our goal is to cater to each modern communications need. Select a scenario that applies to you to learn more:

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Integrate your board into your communication ecosystem

Provide your board members visibility into your organization by curating just the right information for them.

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Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

The best PR might be closer than you think. Provide your workforce with a simple way to share company information on their external social media platforms.

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Get urgent news out to the field

Receive comments and reactions quickly, and then issue an authoritative update to make a huge difference in keeping all field workers connected.

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Create a bond between your CEO and your workforce

Create a cohesive organization by involving leadership into your communication plan. Send regular updates from your CEO to your entire workforce from the office to the field in real time.

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Derive true business intelligence and insights from your communication efforts

Measure reach, engagement, and the impact of your communication like never before. Integrate analytics across all your digital channels to have a 360 view of your communication success. Easily identify champions, and influencers. Send polls that reach every employee in your organization.

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Create Must-read or Must-comply Content

Sparrow Connected’s Mandatory feature makes sure content gets read by each individual. And for the times when you need explicit acknowledgement that’s tracked? Sparrow Connected has Compliance.

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Track and communicate your workforce during an emergency

Send instant alerts to targeted employee groups, departments, locations and individuals. Confirm whether your employees are safe and get your team members’ whereabouts via geolocation sharing. Provide your workforce reliable information that helps them respond quickly and safely during a crisis. Read more about the Sparrow Connected's Crisis Center for MS Teams.

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Increase employee engagement, promote your corporate culture

Your workforce is global even if your organization is not. Make everyone feel included and avoid misunderstandings by translating content into their native language. Have a conversation with your entire workforce, no matter if they’re behind a desk, on the front line or on the go. Your employees can react, comment on or share posts.

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Finally, digital measurable channels for your field workers

Frontline workers are notoriously difficult to reach and engage with. Easily share targeted content, establish a two-way dialog, and align them with your goals and company brand.

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Prevent Misinformation. Stop the rumour mill before it even starts.

Merger and Acquisitions can be exciting to some and worrisome to others. Communicate to multiple organizations with targeted content that addresses their specific challenges. Minimize organizational change management by keeping everyone informed during the transition.

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Start everyone on the right foot.

The first few weeks after an employee joins your organization are critical to ensure productivity, retention and morale. Provide new hires with the resources they need to be successful and feel integrated with your organization’s culture on their first day.

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Get everyone aligned on your mission, vision, values, and goals

Send information to your entire workforce on the channels they are using today, from behind a desk, to the front lines no one is left behind. Get every employee content that’s relevant based on their role, location, interests and more.

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Bring your partners into your communication ecosystem

Have a secure way to communicate with your entire ecosystem. Give external partners access to content that helps create a stronger bond and collaborate more effectively. Support common goals, use analytics to determine information leads to better results from your ecosystem.

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Support your entire sales team with the resources and information they need to close more deals

Make sales resources and information easily available across multiple channels. Help your sales team work together, share knowledge, and support each other. Establish a collaborative sales environment that leads to better results.



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Different industries with a universal need

Sparrow Connected recognizes that each industry manages their communications plan differently; however, everyone has a common goal of optimizing employee experience and engagement. Learn more about our solutions based on industry type.

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