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We have satisfied customers in every industry

Sparrow Connected reaches your entire workforce with the targeted information they need or want to know. While every industry is unique, the workforce communications needs are universal. Choose an industry to find out how Sparrow Connected supports it.


We inform our educators of daily news and updates

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Our educators keep our children safe and informed. Reaching them is an important responsibility of communication professionals in the industry because they are the frontline workers every family interacts with. Our solutions for education industries include:

  • Empowering educators to engage and interact to find better solutions together for our schools

  • Published announcements and news on how to manage COVID-19 guidelines in school premises and as well as how to align students with these guidelines


We provide communications solutions to energy solutions providers

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Our everyday needs include health, shelter, and energy. Energy providers, however, need a way to communicate with each other because of the remote work that is crucial to their industry.  Sparrow Connected wanted to improve access to information and collaboration across their business to better engage, inform and empower each employee. These solutions include: 

  • Decentralized publishing capabilities with a simple governance framework
  • Fresh mobile-first design, rich analytics, contextualization, a targeted news centre, related content, and more


We keep care workers on the same page

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Our customers in the healthcare industry play one of the most crucial roles today. We operate through hundreds of hospitals and communities that keep us safe and healthy. Communicating with our care workers is a top priority, and Sparrow Connected has provided solutions just for that!

  • Getting urgent messages out directly to care workers

  • Issue authoritative updates

  • Making internal news and announcements accessible anywhere, especially when on-the-go


A strategic communication solution for the entire municipality

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One platform to facilitate communication with your entire municipality from your council to your employees, contractors and seasonal workers. Stop babysitting difficult to use tools that are not integrated and start sending with the push of a button relevant content to your entire municipality.


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We help professionals who keep the sales up

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In retail, there are several challenges with communicating with hundreds, if not thousands, of staff in the field. Sparrow Connected provided solutions to help retail communication professionals reach their field workers to reach the best, most organized work flow. These solutions included:

  • Allowing employees to give kudos when sales marks are hit

  • Reaching every employee with important changes and announcements

  • Publishing documents that every field worker should be informed on


We connect people who get you to places where you need to be

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The scale and diversity of operations pose a communication challenge for transportation industries. Drivers and other front line staff work remotely and have limited opportunity to interact with the parent organization. With Sparrow Connected, these challenges were overcame through:

  • Standardizing internal and external communications across the entire organization

  • Keep the entire staff up-to-date on company-wide news, safety and maintenance programs, and career opportunities

  • Tailored newsfeeds by selecting and subscribing to channels relevant to each individual


We solve comms professionals' problems who work anywhere,
from construction firms to law firms

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Sparrow Connected provides communications solutions to more industries that provide unique professional services. These include companies and firms in the construction industry, law industry, and more. Despite of their unique, different services, corporate communications is always a common goal. Some of the solutions provided to reach these goals are:

  • Provide regular updates on what the organization is doing

  • Enable document and training sharing

  • Empower each employee through content collaboration, engagement, and more

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Each feature is built from real scenarios

Our features are built from real scenarios and real problems that communication professionals face. From brand advocacy to crisis communications, our goal is to cater to each communications framework and find solutions together. Read about our solutions by scenario to learn more.

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