By Hamza Waqar on August 21, 2023
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Understanding your employee's specific needs, preferences, and motivations brings a dynamic element to your internal communications. It enables you to resonate more powerfully with everyone. In practice, this manifests as personalization in internal communication.

What is Personalization in Internal Comms? 

Remember that internal communication isn't about broadcasting generic, one-size-fits-all messages. It is about initiating meaningful interactions with your teams. Personalization stands firm on the concept of relevancy – delivering the right content, at the right time, and in the right way that appeals to the individual. It's akin to having a personal conversation with each employee, sparking engagement, motivation, and strong ties with your organization. 

Not only does personalization make corporate communications more meaningful and engaging, but it also streamlines information exchange and facilitates a healthier company culture. Let’s take a look at the two levels on which personalization can be implemented. 

A Two-Tiered Approach in Personalization 

  • Strategic Personalization: This is the broad targeting of meaningful content, including tailored messages based on employees' positions, departments, and locations, thus making the messaging more relatable and pertinent to their role and relevance in the organization. 
  • Tactical Personalization: This involves specific day-to-day iterations such as naming the employee in communications or catering to their time zones and content preferences, all designed to make each employee feel recognized and connected. 

Tips to Delivering More Personalized Internal Communications 

1. Recognize Individuality in Diversity

Encourage your HR and Internal Communications team to conduct a thorough audience analysis – recognizing the diversity in roles, demographics, locations, and technology preferences among your employees. 

2. Exploit the Power of Data

Use surveys, quizzes, and analytics  to understand employees' communication preferences and expectations. This data guides your team to fine-tune your communication and maximize its impact. 

3. Develop Dynamic Employee Profiles

Create dynamic and evolving employee profiles that capture not only basic information but also their evolving interests, skills, and aspirations. Regularly update these profiles based on feedback, achievements, and interactions, ensuring that your personalization efforts stay relevant and accurate. 

4. Segment Content Strategically

Divide your employee base into smaller segments based on shared characteristics, such as job roles, departments, or skill sets. Craft communication content that speaks directly to the unique needs and challenges of each segment, making them feel understood and valued. 

5. Implement Behavior-Triggered Messaging

Set up automated triggers based on specific employee behaviors or actions, such as completing a training module or achieving a milestone. Deliver targeted messages that acknowledge these accomplishments or offer relevant guidance, fostering a sense of recognition and encouragement. 

6. Encourage User-Generated Content

Empower employees to contribute their own stories, achievements, and insights through an internal platform or communication channel. Highlighting user-generated content not only enhances personalization but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among your workforce. 

7. Foster Two-Way Communication

Create channels for employees to provide feedback, ask questions, and engage in discussions. Actively listen and respond to their input, showing that their individual voices are valued. This approach not only enhances personalization but also promotes a culture of inclusivity and open dialogue. 

8. Incorporate Visual Personalization

Use visual elements such as personalized graphics, avatars, or visual themes that resonate with different employee groups. Visual personalization adds an extra layer of engagement and recognition, making your communication more appealing and relatable. 

Let’s demonstrate what personalization is using a real-life example of TechVerse Inc. 

Case of Personalization at TechVerse Inc 

 TechVerse Inc, a rapidly growing technology company with a diverse workforce spread across different geographical locations. The company recognizes the importance of personalization in internal communication to ensure that its employees remain engaged, informed, and motivated. 

For instance, within the company, they have developed dynamic employee profiles that go beyond basic information. These profiles capture individual preferences, areas of expertise, career goals, and even personal interests. This enables the company to tailor its communications to each employee's unique characteristics. 

TechVerse also strategically segments its employee base based on factors such as job roles, project teams, and departments. This segmentation allows them to craft communication content that directly addresses the specific challenges, achievements, and goals of each group, making the messages more relevant and engaging. 

While the benefits of personalization are immense, many organizations struggle with implementing it. With a combination of the recommendations provided in this blog, personalization in internal communication would no longer be a daunting task.  

We need to remember that in the realm of internal communication, one-size doesn't fit all, and a personalized approach is not an option but an imperative need to ensure better engagement and productivity. 

Explore how Sparrow Connected can transform generic into personally meaningful, crafting custom-tailored communication strategies that resonate with every individual in your organization. 

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