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This podcast challenges conventional thinking about internal communications. Featuring real, unscripted insights from some of the best internal communications professionals and subject matter experts in the world.

Think differently. Consider bold ideas. Step outside your comfort zone. Elevate your career. Together, we’ll elevate the internal communications profession to the C-suite.

Co-hosted by Julie Ford, Head of Content, Sparrow Connected and Mike Klein, Founder of #WeLeadComms.

Know Your Value: How IC Brings Incredible Value to Organizations

Listen to this episode to learn:   Common challenges that internal comms pros face today (and solutions)   Ways that internal comm...

Bridging the Gap: Engaging Deskless Employees in the Modern Workplace

Listen to this episode for insights on: Developing a strategic framework for prioritizing deskless workers  Leveraging engaged emp...

Changing the Conversation Between Internal Comms and the C-Suite

Listen to this episode to learn: How to become a trusted advisor to the C-Suite  The challenges internal comms teams face when wor...

Streamline Corporate Communication to Drive Efficiency & Engagement

Listen to this episode to learn: Why streamlining corporate communication is so critical today How to help internal communicators ...

Embracing Creativity & Positivity in Internal Comms with Deborah Speed

Listen to this episode to learn: How to deliver simple, yet effective internal communications  Why creativity and efficiency are s...

Breaking Down Barriers to Transformative Comms with Erik S. Meyers

Listen to this episode to learn:   How to navigate the differences between strategy dynamics in large and small companies  Why int...

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