By Faisal Khan on April 06, 2023
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Communication Leaders Survey Report: Break Free, Be the Change

The Communication Leaders Survey explores the current state and future of the communication profession. The 2022 survey received 150+ responses from communications professionals across the globe. The results provide valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges facing communication professionals around the world. 

One key insight from the survey is that technology is seen as a major opportunity for communication professionals, with 19% of respondents identifying it as the biggest opportunity. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, staying current with the latest technologies and tools is crucial for success in the field of communications. 

Another important finding is that the "workforce and workplace" category was the second most important opportunity with 16% of responses, and the most important personal opportunity to make a difference with 25% of responses. This highlights the importance of creating a positive and inclusive work environment, and the role of communication professionals in fostering a culture of collaboration and engagement within organizations. 

The survey also found that "cutting through the noise" is a top priority for communication leaders. Given a magic wand, 25% of leaders would immediately cut through the noise, underscoring the importance of clear and concise communication in today's fast-paced and information-dense world. 

These are just a few of the insights from the Communication Leaders Survey. Download the full report for more detailed information and analysis on the key categories and definitions, as well as recommendations for communication professionals. 

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