By Hamza Waqar on September 19, 2023
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In today's workplace, organizations have become increasingly aware of the importance of effective internal communication in driving business success. However, finding innovative ways to engage deskless employees—those who work beyond a traditional office environment—demands special attention.  

"Connecting the dots between company values, employee experiences, and customer experiences is essential to reaching deskless workers and ensuring consistent service delivery." - Priya Bates, President at Inner Strength Communication Inc. 

This article explores several strategies to master the art of engaging and communicating with these valuable team members, empowering them to succeed and collaborate seamlessly. 

Understanding the Deskless Workforce 

Deskless employees encompass a diverse range of roles, including field technicians, retail employees, healthcare workers, and production line operatives. Before crafting communication strategies, an organization must first seek to understand their unique challenges and needs. This understanding will pave the way for meaningful engagement and ensure that communication initiatives resonate with this dynamic workforce segment. 

Developing a Customized Strategic Framework 

Creating a strategic framework tailored specifically to deskless employees is crucial for fostering enhanced interaction and commitment. Commit to a flexible, adaptive approach that prioritizes information delivery, geared to meet the unique needs of every employee. A strategy that effectively reaches remote and roaming workers will help bridge the communication gap and drive employee engagement, regardless of their job settings. 

Leveraging Technology to Stay Connected  

The digital revolution has transformed communication possibilities, providing companies with numerous channels to engage deskless employees. Leveraging technology, such as utilizing mobile apps and platforms like Sparrow Connected, can help establish an intuitive and accessible communication ecosystem. Integrating multiple unified channels into a company’s strategy will enable employees to stay informed, connected, and engaged no matter where their job takes them. 

Promoting Employee Engagement 

A well-connected workforce is essential for organizational success. When deskless employees are fully engaged in their work and have ample opportunities to communicate, they are likely to contribute more effectively to the company’s goals and to the customer experience. Identifying the drivers of employee engagement and taking concrete steps to address them can result in profoundly positive effects on overall business performance. 

Navigating Unionized Environments 

Engaging deskless employees in unionized environments requires transparent, respectful communication and negotiation. Building relationships on mutual understanding, and aligning employee and employer interests, will ensure a foundation of trust and cooperation that benefits all parties involved. 

A Purpose for Every Employee 

In this age of rapidly changing work environments, internal communication for deskless employees is more crucial than ever. By understanding their unique needs, developing tailored communication strategies, and leveraging technology, organizations can bridge the communication gap between all team members.  

At Sparrow Connected, we genuinely believe that every employee, whether working at a desk or on the front line, deserves to be supported, connected, and engaged. Book a demo and experience first-hand how Sparrow Connected can help you bridge the gap and engage deskless employees. 


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