By Chris Izquierdo on September 22, 2022


Introducing New and Improved Intelligent Internal Comms Newsletters

It was a very busy summer here at Sparrow Connected. We onboarded more clients than ever before, we fought armies of mosquitoes at our corporate retreat in the mountains and we just released new and improved functionality for our Intelligent Newsletters based on customer feedback.  

Now, with our enhanced Intelligent Newsletters, internal communications teams have an even simpler, more streamlined experience for creating, managing and delivering internal newsletters that employees actually read – with the analytics to prove it. In this latest release, we specifically enhanced the targeting, analysis, and management features.  

“Our Intelligent Newsletters are really popular with our customers today. I’d say about 90% of our customers are using the intelligent newsletter feature within the Sparrow Connected platform on a regular basis and we continue to evolve and expand the functionality based on their needs,” says Dave Sohnchen, Director of Product, Sparrow Connected. 

Changing The Employee Newsletter Game 

Our Intelligent Newsletters are literally changing the way organizations leverage newsletters to communicate with their employees. Before I explain the specific benefits of intelligent newsletters, it’s important for you to understand the Sparrow Connected platform. If you haven’t experienced the platform yet, I highly recommend you book a demo. 

Our platform is designed with a one-to-many approach to internal communications. In the simplest explanation possible, you create your content once and distribute it to many channels.   

In our platform, your Intelligent Newsletters are considered one of the many channels you can send your content to in the same way you would send content to your Intranet, MS Teams, Mobile Apps, SMS and more. 

So, unlike other email communication tools that are limited to email only as a single channel, our Intelligent Newsletters are part of the Sparrow Connected platform and therefore, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your communication channels. They become another channel in your omnichannel communication strategy.  

What Makes Sparrow Connected Newsletters Intelligent? 

Intelligent Newsletters aren’t your typical untargeted email newsletters that are ignored by most employees. Hence the word “intelligent” (and that’s not just a marketing term). They are truly intelligent.  

“The concept of an intelligent newsletter was inspired by one of our customers. They wanted to automatically populate a weekly recap with a maximum of three posts that employees missed during the week, so we built it. Since then, we’ve really expanded the functionality and the feedback has been extremely positive,” says Dave. 

Intelligent Newsletters: 

  • Reuse the same content you have published across all your other channels in your newsletters in a single click 
  • Are automatically generated and targeted to each employee based on their preferences and communication needs 
  • Dynamically create a personal newsletter with relevant content for each employee 
  • Only include relevant content that either you want to reinforce or that your employees missed because they haven’t read it on any of your channels 
  • Reach all employees with and without corporate email addresses 
  • Are measurable with analytics for an entire newsletter over a time period and individual issues of a newsletter 

Our newsletters have been intelligent from day one, but the latest improvements are making it even more intelligent. More intelligent means it’s even easier for you, the internal communications pros, to focus on what really matters – driving business impact in your organization by delivering relevant, timely communications across your entire workforce.  

Start Changing the Way You Leverage Newsletters to Reach Employees 

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