By Hamza Waqar on November 21, 2023
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The rapidly evolving workplace environment presents HR leaders with a plethora of challenges, from recruiting skilled personnel and mitigating attrition to nurturing effective managers and promoting employee engagement. Augmenting these objectives is the need to validate ROI on workforce-focused initiatives and navigate dispersed work structures. Today's HR leaders are called to embrace strategic roles more than ever to foster lasting business success. Here's a review of three game-changing strategies that can thrust HR efforts into a new level of efficacy, all made possible by the Sparrow Connected platform.   

Aligning these units can augment employee engagement, leading to improved organizational efficiency. Here are four strategies for more effective Internal Communications and HR collaboration. 

1. Cultivate Mutual Understanding

Interdepartmental miscommunication can cultivate a negative work culture that hampers productivity. To rectify this, Internal Communications and HR need to understand each other's roles and challenges better.  

Foster a formal interaction between these departments highlighting their responsibilities, struggles, and achievements. This understanding will reveal the striking similarities in their objectives, offering a new dimension for them to work together more effectively, consequently bolstering employee engagement and overall workplace culture. 

2. Prioritize Communication Over Structural Hierarchy

In companies without a dedicated Internal Communications team, the partnership with HR becomes even more crucial. Optimizing workplace communication requires shifting focus from who owns the responsibility to adapt to evolving communication needs. 

By assigning responsibility disregarding formal structures, HR and IC can collaborate across their expertise's boundaries, thereby enhancing the quality and reach of the crafted messages. 

3. Collaborate in Storytelling

Engaging employees through compelling stories is a common goal for Internal Communications. Close coordination with HR enables IC to craft messages that resonate well with employees – thus improving engagement and nurturing the organizational culture. 

As HR has in-depth insight into employee matters, a collaborative approach in content creation can help optimize newsletters, keynotes, or virtual all-hands meetings better. 

4. Identify and Leverage Internal Influencers

For significant changes or unpopular decisions, relying on internal champions or influencers within your organization can make the transition smoother. These individuals influence the workplace culture and can provide helpful advice and public support. 

HR knows the talent landscape and office grapevine best and can help identify these influencers. Their insights become invaluable when you are striving for effective change management. 

Fostering a strategic partnership between Internal Communications and HR not only boosts employee engagement but also enhances the overall productivity and success of your organization. Begin this collaborative journey today and witness the transformative results in your workplace engagement and communication.  

By adopting these strategic approaches and leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Sparrow Connected platform, HR teams can unlock enhanced employee engagement, greater workforce consistency, and pioneering operational successes. Schedule a chat today and discover how our powerful tools can augment your HR strategies, empower your workforce, and drive your business upwards on the trajectory of success. 


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