By Santiago Zapata on October 13, 2022
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Updated post. Originally published on April 27, 2021.

I speak to internal communications professionals from small startups to large, multinational corporations daily. One thing is consistent regardless of company, industry or size – many internal communications teams are lacking the tools they need to deliver relevant, timely communications to employees and measure the impact of communications on the business.

We're on a mission to change this and create a world where the internal communications profession is seen as a valued strategic function at the executive level.  

"I see a future where communication leaders are sitting alongside the CEOs, CFOs and CMOs of the world when the decisions are made at the executive table. My mission is to make this vision a reality,” says our CEO, Chris Izquierdo.  

As a way to help you make the case to get the tools you need to be successful, I thought I’d summarize the key benefits of Sparrow Connected in a clear, concise way.  

1. Designed for internal comms pros, by internal comms pros

Sparrow Connected is the only internal communications platform designed by a team of experienced internal communications professionals and advisors who:  

  • Know first-hand what features and functionality you actually need to be successful 
  • Are committed to elevating the internal comms profession to a strategic, executive-level function  

2. Seamlessly integrates with the tools you’re already using 

Deliver communications to employees on the channels you’re already using, from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and company portals to email, mobile apps, SMS, email, Slack and more.  


3. Enables you to reach all your employees including those without corporate email addresses   

Use the first and only Microsoft integrated communication platform that doesn't exclude employees who don’t have a Microsoft license (or corporate email address) from receiving communications.  


4. Reduces the noise by delivering the right content to the right audience  

Start segmenting your employees and delivering only the content that’s actually relevant to them. Subscribe specific audiences to content on specific topics and mark content as mandatory across all your communication channels.   


5. Gives you access to data to help you improve the performance of your communications 

Use built-in analytics to learn what types of content your audiences like and dislike, adjust your send frequency and automatically exclude content employees have already read for a more personalized experience.   


6. Let's you publish once and distribute to all your communication channels

Say goodbye to the days of manually publishing the same content on channel after channel after channel. Our omnichannel distribution capability means that you only publish your content once and it gets automatically delivered to the channels you choose, at the time you choose.  


7. Enables you to speak your employees’ languages without the pain of manual translation

Create your content in English and let our AI translation engine automatically translate it to over 150 languages in an instant. You’ll speak to your employees in their preferred language and save yourself the hassle of manually translating and publishing content multiple times.  


Join the Growing Number of Companies Across 25+ Industries Using Sparrow Connected Today! 

Book a demo today. 


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ICON the new Sparrow Connected Podcast, a free resource for pros like you. Join our internal comms experts as they share their experiences, success stories, and even failures, within the industry. Get insights and pointers anytime, anywhere.

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