By Hamza Waqar on January 04, 2024
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As we step into a fresh year, the tradition of personal resolutions is thriving as ever. However, an intriguing shift reveals professionals turning the lens away from themselves to focus on enhancing communication and overall interaction within their corporations. Industries and individuals alike have shared career-focused objectives, which they anticipate implementing, leading to a ripple effect on the workplace atmosphere. 

Strategic Prioritizing: Adding the ‘Not-To-Do’ List 

Jonna Muscente, esteemed Head of Communications and PR at Corcoran Group, presents a novel concept with "The Not-To-Do List". The essence of this idea focuses on achieving results by avoiding actions that don’t contribute to company goals. For example, Sparrow Connected, a unified single platform to manage internal employee communication, provides in-depth insights and analytics, helping teams focus on tasks driving the needle towards their goals. 

Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up 

If you ever feel trapped in a vortex of endless tasks and deadlines, CHC’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Amanda Ponzar's resolution to shift focus from the whirlwind of activities to the bigger picture might resonate with you.  

Using a platform like Sparrow Connected can be of great help in aligning your daily activities with long-term strategic goals, allowing for impactful and strategic communication. 

The ‘Mixternal’ Revolution 

For Chelsey Louzeiro, Senior Communications Manager at Heifer International, the spotlight this year will be on achieving optimal "mixternal" communications. Bridging the gap between various teams, whether they're in-house or remote, is vital.  

Demystifying Email Communication 

Aray Rivera, Sr. Manager, Internal Communications at J. Crew, aims to reinvent the wheel by simplifying email communication within her team. Employing Sparrow Connected can help rejuvenate your email communications strategy. Its features like mobile-first, AI-driven engagement, and robust analytics can make your internal comms engaging, informative, and effective. 

Cheerleading for Social Media Managers 

Jenny Li Fowler, the face behind 'Organic Social Media', pledges to advocate junior social media managers' voices in strategic decisions. Sparrow Connected supports the rapid flow of information, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their role, has a say. 

The Year of Upskilling 

For Greg McCullough, SVP and CCO at Thrivent, investing in career development of his team stands top of the resolution list. Using features like AI assisted content generation, Sparrow Connected offers valuable resources for learning and skill enhancement, ensuring continuous evolution and growth. 

As we step into the new year, let these ideologies be a beacon, guiding you towards molding your own communication-related resolutions. Remember, every great journey begins with a step. Sparrow Connected can be the companion you need to ensure your resolutions come to fruition. 

We invite you to Schedule a chat with our experts today and find out how Sparrow Connected can be the catalyst for turning your New Year resolutions into reality. 


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