By Adam Zouak on January 26, 2021
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In case you missed it, Facebook is in the process of implementing changes to WhatsApp’s privacy terms. The backlash to the changes was so strong that they decided to delay them from February 8th, 2021 to May 15th, 2021. These changes include how WhatsApp will share information with Facebook and how this information might be used.

The changes have been delayed but they are inevitably coming. Facebook has always been thirsty for personal information and it was only a matter of time before the two platforms started to share information.

These changes have created quite a commotion. In this article, we explore why this is important for internal communicators and explain how Sparrow provides secure end to end encrypted messaging capabilities for your entire workforce, integrated with internal communication and collaboration functionality.

Changes to WhatsApp Privacy Terms

As of the date of this article, there are many open questions about the privacy term changes. For example, there is not a good understanding of what information is being shared and how.

You can run a report to see all the information WhatsApp has for you. Simply go to into the app, go to Settings, followed by Account, and then tap on the ‘Request Account Info’ option. Here you can tap the option for a report which is generated in three days.

Take a look at this article for an exhaustive explanation of all the information WhatsApp is collecting – WhatsApp privacy policy changes: What data does WhatsApp collect about you? We asked for a report, here’s what we got (

Of particular interest, we found the following:

  • The time when you have been online, all your contacts, all group names of which you are a part of, the device type, the IP address, device build number, device manufacturer, details of the web/desktop version and the platform which is used for WhatsApp Web, your Status.
  • Includes all contacts with whom you would have chatted on WhatsApp, and only the mobile phone numbers are mentioned.
  • Includes a list of all numbers you have blocked.

One of the main benefits of WhatsApp has been its commitment to security and privacy. This is exemplified by its end-to-end encrypted conversations. Unfortunately, sharing WhatsApp information with Facebook will significantly erode this commitment. Our work and personal lives have increasingly blurred during the pandemic, having your personal and work communications shared with Facebook, a company notoriously bad in the areas of security and privacy poses a serious risk to organizations – A recent history of Facebook security and privacy issues (

Workforce Messaging the Sparrow way

Sparrow provides suite of great functionality for connecting and engaging  with your entire workforce across all of your key channels (Why Omnichannel) from your Intranet, to Microsoft Teams, to email and a brandable mobile app.

Recently, Sparrow reimagined workforce messaging and provided our clients with secure, encrypted end to end chat functionality that respects the privacy and protect your entire workforce. Under Sparrow, your chat information is never shared with any external providers. It is owned by your organization.


Sparrow allows your organization to bridge the messaging gap between your sanctioned employees with corporate emails accounts and those in the frontlines without them. At Sparrow, we believe you’re entire workforce deserves access to your communication ecosystem regardless of whether they have official email accounts or not. With Sparrow Chat, you can now communicate across that classic divide, without compromising privacy or integrity.

Sparrow-Mobile-Chat-ColorsSparrow workforce messaging is packed with great features such as:

Have secure one on one conversations with your colleagues. Sparrow can setup one-on-one chats that you and your colleague have access to.

  • Easily talk to your entire team at once. Setup group chats give them a distinctive name and color so they stand out. From chats about safety to operational procedures, whether in the office or the field, we got you covered.
  • Be notified whenever someone sends you a message. Be always in the know, never missed another important message from your colleagues or your boss.
  • Your chat, your personality. You can use the GIFs, memes, images, reactions, and attachments to get your point across.
  • Never lose another important conversation and/or decision – preserve and search your chat history.

At Sparrow Connected, we are constantly looking at ways to bring the entire workforce together, to add value, security, and provide our customers with the tools they need to focus on the important things.

With Sparrow chat your mid-market organization will be more connected, more engaged. This is workforce messaging the Sparrow way.

sparrow logoIf you’re looking for a platform to help make your life easier and connecting you with all of your workforce, give Sparrow a look. We’ve lived the pain, we understand the hopes, and we built a platform for communication professionals that delivers. From Intranets, to Microsoft Teams, to newsletters, and mobile, we know how important corporate communications is. Sparrow – Built for CommunicatorsBook a conversation with us today.  

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