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Employee Engagement or BUSINESS IMPACT? It's Time To Choose.

A radical manifesto for changing the internal communications game by Mike Klein, Senior Strategic Advisor for Sparrow Connected and 20+ year internal communication leader.

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RFP Prep Kit

Are you preparing an RFP? Save time and avoid costly mistakes by answering these questions and following these suggestions.

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Communication Platform Checklist

A checklist highlighting the key features that are important in a modern communication platform. Help your team to objectively compare communication platforms.

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Audiences, Segmentation, and Channels

How do you increase readership and engagement with your communication? What role do targeting, segmentation and channels play? This guide will help you answer these important questions.

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Sparrow Connected Implementation Guide

Do you have 6 months to rollout your new communication platform? Neither do we, that’s why we designed Sparrow Connected to be easy to install, configure and required no training. This guide shows you how we help you improve your communication in one week.

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The employee communication platform FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about employee communication platforms.

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Sparrow Connected vs M365

M365 and VIVA provide a good starting point for employee communications. Sparrow Connected improves on this experience and fills in gaps.

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