By Julie Ford on November 20, 2023
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As we move closer to 2024, retail leaders need to start planning ways to evolve their internal communication strategies to more effectively reach and engage deskless employees. In this blog post, we'll explore some planning tips specifically tailored for retail companies looking to improve engagement with deskless workers. 

Tip 1: Embrace Mobile Communication 

In an era where smartphones have become ubiquitous, mobile communication is a powerful tool for engaging deskless retail workers. Ensure that your internal communication platforms and channels are mobile-friendly, allowing employees to access important information, company updates, and training materials on their devices. By leveraging the power of mobile, you can empower deskless workers to stay informed and connected, regardless of their physical location. 

Tip 2: Foster Two-Way Communication 

Effective internal communication is a two-way street, and deskless workers should have opportunities to provide feedback and share insights with the organization. Implement feedback mechanisms such as surveys, or even dedicated communication channels where deskless employees can voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas. This not only empowers them but also helps the organization gather valuable insights from the front lines. 

Tip 3: Create a Culture of Recognition and Rewards 

Deskless workers often contribute significantly to the success of retail companies but may not receive the recognition they deserve. In 2024, prioritize implementing a robust recognition and rewards program that specifically acknowledges the achievements and contributions of deskless employees. Whether it's through gamification, peer-to-peer recognition, or performance-based incentives, a culture of appreciation can fuel motivation and boost engagement among deskless workers. 

Tip 4: Empower Store Managers as Communication Ambassadors 

Store managers play a critical role as communication ambassadors, bridging the gap between deskless workers and senior leadership. Invest in training programs that equip store managers with effective communication skills, ensuring they can effectively disseminate important information, address questions, and act as the communication conduit within the retail organization. By empowering store managers, you can enhance the alignment between deskless workers and the company's vision and goals. 

Succeeding in the Future of Internal Communication 

In 2024, the success of internal communication within retail companies depends on adapting strategies to cater to the needs of deskless workers. At Sparrow Connected, we understand the challenges of internal communication in retail and supporting deskless workers.  

Schedule a chat with our team and let us guide you in navigating the future of internal communications for your retail organization. Together, let's empower and engage every member of your retail team for a prosperous future. 


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