By Hamza Waqar on September 13, 2023
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In the dynamic world of retail, where every interaction counts, effective communication lies at the heart of operational success. Yet, the challenge often arises when it comes to engaging the backbone of any retail enterprise - the deskless employees. These dedicated individuals, bustling through aisles and manning registers, are the unsung heroes of the industry. However, ensuring they are in sync with company objectives, informed about updates, and empowered to contribute their best can be a formidable task.  

In this blog, we'll delve deep into the strategies and technologies that not only bridge the communication gap but also elevate the retail experience for both employees and customers alike. Let's explore how to bring cohesion to the bustling world of deskless retail operations.  

Understanding the 'Deskless Worker' 

For most of us, a worker is often thought of as desk-bound, in front of a computer. However, the definition of a deskless worker encompasses a much broader spectrum of professionals - from nurses to warehouse workers, to our retail staff constantly on their feet, serving customers, and driving sales in-store. 

In the context of store operations staff, these workers are at the frontlines of your company's customer interactions, contributing to your brand's image and customer satisfaction levels. They are immersed in the hustle and bustle of retail service and rarely have a moment to spare checking emails or accessing digital communication platforms. 

Optimize Communication Channels 

Retail staff need information that is relevant to their roles, easily accessible, and accommodative of their work schedules. The key to effective communication lies in the balance between digital and traditional means, ensuring that your message reaches your staff in the most suitable format for them. 

The cautionary note is to avoid turning communication channels into a noise of constant information barrage, especially when the information is not relevant to their daily store tasks. The retail workforce values communication that respects their work priorities, meaning the information should enhance their operations rather than distract them. 

Digitized Solutions that Cater to the Deskless 

Transforming the way retailers communicate with their frontline staff requires a fine balance between accessibility, relevance, and avoidance of overload. Technology, such as internal employee communication platforms like Sparrow Connected, provides a solution, allowing for tailored communication for different groups of employees, including deskless workers. 

These platforms can allow store operations to receive pertinent information while filtering out communication that may not affect their daily work, allowing them to focus on their primary task: providing outstanding customer service. 

Union Barriers and Potential Solutions 

The digitization of communication poses an additional challenge in unionized environments, where there may be restrictions on accessing personal communication channels. Regulations vary depending on the country. 

The task at hand is to create a communication model that respects employees' personal boundaries while ensuring they have access to critical operational updates. Encouraging a culture of feedback and checking in with deskless workers about their communication preferences can foster improved transparency and worker satisfaction. 

Engaging deskless workers in a meaningful, unobtrusive way not only enhances their productivity but also contributes to high store performance. With careful strategy and tailored implementation, retail store operations can overcome the communication challenge and foster a connected, informed workforce. 

When it comes to engaging your deskless workforce, the right tool can make all the difference. That's where Sparrow Connected comes in.  

Its approach prioritizes the user experience of deskless workers, streamlining access to relevant, timely information right at their fingertips. Segmentation options ensure each team member receives updates and messages that apply directly to their role, area of work, and schedule – no more information overload, just pertinent communication that respects their time and work priorities. It is not just about broadcasting messages. It's about fostering a two-way communication culture that values the input of everyone in the organization, regardless of where or how they work.    

Schedule a chat with a Sparrow Connected expert today and discover how we can help tailor your communication strategy to truly connect with your deskless workforce. 


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