By Julie Ford on February 22, 2022
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Internal communications professionals truly are superstars. Now is the time to fully unleash your superstardom - and be recognized for it! 

We asked four top internal communications professionals to share their best advice on how to do this. 

Here’s who they are and what they had to say:

Kelley Suggs 

Internal Communications Specialist, Global Marketing and Communications at Stoneridge 

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About Kelley 

Kelley is an exceptional communicator who executes global internal communications strategies, including the development of brand strategies, narratives, objectives, and messaging. Her more than 15 years of experience in communications, marketing, public relations, and journalism give her a well-rounded as well as adaptive set of communications skills, and she continues to learn and grow–which contributes to her advice for others in the industry. 

Expert Advice 

Prepare for the unexpected by staying current 

While it can be tempting to follow the saying if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, in the internal communications field that ethos can leave you scrambling when something unforeseen arises. 

In Kelley’s eyes, being open to evolving is crucial for success. By breaking out of our familiar ways of working it makes us better communicators and improves our effectiveness when facing new problems. 

“Take advantage of the platforms and tools that are out there to help you plan for future issues. Hopefully they won't come about but be prepared. Be proactive.” - Kelley Suggs   

Maliha Aqeel PMP, SCMP, MC 

Founder and CEO, The Ideas Collective Inc. 

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About Maliha 

Maliha is an award-winning, strategic communication and inbound marketing professional. She has worked in global corporate and agency roles for almost 20 years, connecting the dots between brand, marketing and communications to drive business objectives. She serves on IABC’s international board of directors and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in business administration. 

She believes that life-long learning is a powerful catalyst for professional success, and that it is important to devote time to learning beyond your field. 

Expert Advice 

Diversify your professional development to boost your performance 

It’s essential for internal communications professionals to deepen their knowledge by staying abreast of what is occurring in the industry and expanding their skills. However, with communication-specific development taking priority in the field, it can be less common for internal communication professionals to devote time and attention to other areas of business. This can create a knowledge gap. 

To Maliha, devoting time equally to both a well-rounded business education and honing communication skills is exceptionally beneficial. By understanding various areas of business, internal communication professionals have valuable context for practicing their communication craft, and are better able to relay details of the business’ work, have informed discussions with employees, and understand workplace challenges. 

“Knowledge about bigger trends that are impacting the business world will really help you in your career. The more knowledge you acquire, the higher up you go.” - Maliha Aqeel 

Chris Izquierdo 

CEO of Sparrow Connected 

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About Chris 

Chris is a celebrated Canadian business leader, founder, and CEO. Currently, he is the CEO of Sparrow Connected, a workforce communication platform that transforms the employee experience and helps communication professionals send the right message, to the right employees, on their preferred channels. 

He works to elevate the internal communications profession and supports internal communications professionals by sharing his insights and challenging them to embrace change, be more agile, and measure outcomes. 

Expert Advice 

Utilize agile work to quickly prove your value 

Lack of proof to illustrate the value of internal communications work can create caution and fear, causing projects to move very slowly. 

Adopting an agile approach within your communications strategy will impact whether staff are engaged with the business, and whether the right changes are incorporated into the workplace. 

Having the confidence to do something that may not be perfect for the sake of innovation and improvement is what’s going to make an impact.” - Chris Izquierdo   

Final Thoughts 

Stay current and curious, broaden your education and professional network, and adopt an agile work approach. Let this advice from top internal communications professionals in the field inspire you to become the internal communications superstar you know you are – and gain the recognition you deserve! 

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