By Chris Izquierdo on April 07, 2022
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If you’ve been reading our blog, emails, or LinkedIn updates over the last couple of weeks, the name Mike Klein may sound familiar to you. I’m pleased to officially announce that Mike Klein has joined the growing Sparrow Connected team as a Senior Strategic Advisor.  

We’re honored to have such a well-respected, visionary, and influential internal communication leader on our team.  

Who is Mike Klein? 

Mike is the founder and principal of Changing The Terms, a consultancy focused on internal communications, change and social communication.  
For more than 20 years, starting with research at London Business School in the late ‘90s, Mike has worked with organizations in the United States and Europe on pressing strategic communication challenges and has become a prolific writer and commentator on internal communication strategy topics.  

In early 2021, Mike made it his personal mission to elevate the communications profession globally, which is why he founded #WeLeadComms, an initiative to recognize initiative, courage, and leadership across the communication profession.  

Our Joint Mission: Elevate Internal Communication Leaders 

One of the reasons I started Sparrow Connected is because I truly believe that internal communication professionals deserve better. They deserve better tools to do their jobs well. They deserve a better way to understand the impact that their work has on significant business outcomes. But most importantly, they deserve a seat at the executive table.  

My vision for the not-so-distant future is a world where communication leaders are sitting alongside the CEOs, CFOs and CMOs when the decisions are made at the executive table. My mission is to make this vision a reality. 

When I met Mike, it quickly became clear that he is also on a mission to elevate internal communication leaders by building community and recognizing initiative, courage, and leadership across the communication profession through his thriving #WeLeadComms initiative. 

It was a natural fit for us to join forces. By coming together, we have the power to accelerate our joint mission to elevate the internal communication leaders of the world - and get them to the executive table sooner.  

Join Our First #WeLeadComms + Sparrow Connected Webinar  

One of the ways we’re carrying out our mission together is by launching a webinar series on thought-provoking internal communication topics featuring #WeLeadComms honorees. 

We just opened registration for our first webinar hosted by Mike: The Strategic Case for Internal Communication: Six Reasons for Ramping It Up Now. 

Join Mike and two highly regarded communications pros, Ottawa-based change comms expert Caroline Kealey and former UNICEF comms chief Abhijit Shanker on April 27th at 11:00am Eastern for an engaging 45-minute conversation followed by a Q&A session.  

Register here.  

In addition to registering for the webinar, I also encourage you to follow Sparrow Connected, Mike Klein and #WeLeadComms on LinkedIn to join the movement to make internal communications a strategic C-level function. 

Welcome To The Sparrow Connected Team, Mike!  

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