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Is Employee Engagement Meaningless?

Employee engagement is a hot topic in virtually every company, industry and internal communications department, especially now with resignations and remot...

3 Internal Comms Experts Discuss The Strategic Case For Internal Comms

An Eye-Opening Discussion About The Strategic Case For Internal Comms With Three Top Comms Experts 

Internal Comms Insights Monthly – April Edition

Hey, Sparrow Connected family. We’re thrilled to say this month has been a rollercoaster of big events and great news. We want to thank you for being part...

Why I’m Flying With Sparrow Connected

More than ten years ago, I found myself involved with a team working to identify an internal social platform for the world’s largest Danish shipping compa...

The Strategic Case For IC: Six Reasons For Ramping It Up Now

For those who were wondering what happens after the pandemic - we now have a clearer idea: the world will continue to be an unpredictable, unstable and un...

Mike Klein Joins Sparrow Connected As Senior Strategic Advisor

If you’ve been reading our blog, emails, or LinkedIn updates over the last couple of weeks, the name Mike Klein may sound familiar to you. I’m pleased to ...

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