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7 things to consider when choosing an internal communications platform

Your internal communication efforts depend greatly on being able to achieve proper reach and getting great engagement, which is highly dependent on having...

Why Mobile is Essential to Successful Internal Communications

Internal communication strategy is changing with the times – or it should be, in order to succeed. As the lines continue to blur between personal and corp...

What happens when internal communication meets innovative technology?

This post was originally written by Claire Watson, ABC, MC.  Claire is the Vice President of Strategic Communication Management for Cropley Communication....

Communicator’s Toolbox #1: Exploring Employee App – Sparrow

This post was originally written by Priya Bates, ABC, MC, CMP, and IABC Fellow from Inner Strength Communication Inc. Visit her website at www.innerstreng...

Power of Employee Social Advocacy: Sparrow Introduces Social Sharing

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Take a look at your newsfeed on any social channel – how many articles appear based on shares from friends? Probably a pretty...

Sparrow Reactions: Add Personality into the World of Corporate Comms

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, however while this may not ring true for a simple emoji, we still love using them to inject emotion and...

DevFacto Spurs Market Change with Sparrow App

Edmonton-Based Company Launches Product to Change the Face of Corporate Communications

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