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IC Leaders Should Think 'Hand On The Wheel' Before 'Seat At The Table'

An Interview with Mike Klein on how far IC has come & how far it still has to go.

Internal Communications 2023 – Start Planning Now

5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Internal Comms Strategy For 2023

FACT OR MYTH: Successful IC Doesn’t Require Ongoing IT Involvement

In a recent article, I talked about how the Microsoft Suite isn’t designed to stand alone as an IC tooland that internal comms professionals deserve bette...

6 Reasons To Adopt An IC Solution With A Native Microsoft Integration

Unlock A World Of Significant Internal Comms Features

Is The Microsoft Suite On Its Own Really Enough For Internal Comms?

An Interview With Sparrow Connected’s CEO In a recent meeting with our Advisory Board, I got talking with Mike Klein and Priya Bates about the Microsoft S...

Why Most Corporate Intranets Fail & What To Do Instead

Being at IABC World Conference 2022 and speaking with internal communications professionals from around the globelast week was incredible.

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