By Chris Izquierdo on July 06, 2022
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Being at IABC World Conference 2022 and speaking with internal communications professionals from around the globe last week was incredible.

One particular theme that came up in conversation again and again was corporate intranets and how, despite the best efforts of internal communications teams, employees just don’t visit or engage with them.  

This is not just anecdotal. Research shows that only 13% of employees participate in their intranet daily and 31% never do, according to a survey by Prescient Digital Media.  

When I dug deeper into these conversations about the poor performance of corporate intranets, one thing became clear - different departments within organizations already have their own systems that they use daily and employees prefer to stay within these systems. 

For example, if your company uses Microsoft Teams to internal collaboration, your employees live there all day, every day. Employees who work in IT, live in the IT ticketing system. Employees in HR, live in the HRIS.

With these more employee-specific systems in place, it's really no surprise that employees don’t visit corporate intranets. To the employee, the Intranet is just another tool that they have to remember to use, and, in many cases, a distraction from their jobs.  

Regardless of how engaging, relevant and user-friendly an intranet is, it’s not solving the fundamental issue – employees want to be reached on the channels they’re already using day-to-day.  

There is a solution to this problem and it doesn’t involve coming up with new strategies to drive employees to your intranet, or investing time and effort in enhancing the user experience. This solution is much easier.  

Stop Trying To Push Employees To Corporate Intranets.  

Start Reaching Employees On The Channels They’re Already Using To Do Their Jobs.   

This is exactly what Sparrow Connected does. Our internal communications platform enables internal communications teams to seamlessly integrate with the channels your employees are already using. 

If your employees are comfortable using Microsoft Teams, they don't have to leave Teams to receive and engage with your corporate communications. The same applies to departmental systems used across your organization. Our integrations even extends to SMS and mobile apps, which are particularly valuable for reaching frontline employees.  

Ready to start reaching employees on the channels they’re already using? 
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