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What Makes a Communication Leader: Five Steps to Generate Impact

Since launching the #WeLeadComms initiative, one of my aims has been to promote the idea that “communication leadership” is not some lofty, hierarchy-base...

The Strategic Case For IC: Six Reasons For Ramping It Up Now

Post-pandemic the world continues to be an unpredictable, unstable and unrelenting place.

Rethinking Internal Communication: Five Bold Ideas

In a world where attention is the new gold - a scarce commodity to be fought over and won - it’s not enough to recycle traditional thinking and practices ...

Innovation in #InternalComms - You Don’t Need to Start from Scratch

The word “innovation” often has an intimidating and mystical air to it.

Preparing for a CEO Intro - A Fresh Look at a Timeless Challenge 

“A war is won before it is fought” - Sun Tzu In the corporate world, changes in leadership are major events. There are also events that can be anticipated...

Stay Relevant in the Age of AI: 3 Skills for Internal Communicators

Want To Stay Relevant In The Age Of Ai? Three Crucial Skills Internal Communicators Can Learn Now:

Getting into 'The Numbers Game' - Three Observations & an Opportunity

Getting into “The Numbers Game” - Three Observations and an Opportunity

'Employee Engagement' - Why It Deserves Coal This Christmas

“Employee Engagement” - Why It Deserves Coal this Christmas

Close the 'Feel-Do' Gap - Make Internal Comms Measurement Real

Time To Close The “Feel-Do” Gap -And Make Internal Communication Measurement Real

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