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Creating The Internal Comms Platform For Communication Leaders

Co-Authored with Chris Izquierdo, CEO, Sparrow Connected  Communication leaders have unprecedented choices when it comes to the technologies they can use ...

Editing The Organization - The Power Of Written Words To Drive Change

Recent developments in the remote and "hybrid" working worlds highlight the opportunity for communication professionals to provide structure and context t...

The Price Of Everything, The Value Of Nothing - Time To Get Out From Under The ROI Rock

One of the most frustrating things about internal communication is to see so many top practitioners struggling to get sufficient budgets and remits to mak...

Why The Employee Survey Should Become A COVID-19 Casualty

Why the Employee Survey Should Become a COVID-19 Casualty 

Why I’m Flying With Sparrow Connected

More than ten years ago, I found myself involved with a team working to identify an internal social platform for the world’s largest Danish shipping compa...

What Makes a Communication Leader: Five Steps to Generate Impact

Since launching the #WeLeadComms initiative, one of my aims has been to promote the idea that “communication leadership” is not some lofty, hierarchy-base...

The Strategic Case For Internal Communication: Six Reasons For Ramping It Up Now

For those who were wondering what happens after the pandemic - we now have a clearer idea: the world will continue to be an unpredictable, unstable and un...

What Do We Really Need From Communication Pros? It’s In The CARDs

In the 20th century, communication was really about media and broadcasting - getting visible, being seen in big spaces, counting the number of television ...

Superconnection - A Communication Superpower For An Increasingly Remote Era

Superconnection: “The Ability To Identify, Connect And Ignite Relationships In Organizations And Communities That Can Drive Mutual Enrichment And Value”

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