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Is Internal Communication’s Message Really Getting Through?

Latest UK Research Presents A Reality Check. 

Technology For Communication Leaders: An Opportunity And A Challenge

In less than two weeks 100 responses to the #WeLeadComms Communication Leaders Survey have already been captured, and technology is definitely a hot topic...

DO-KNOW-FEEL-SAY: Can Internal Communication Finally Flip The Script?

“Internal communication is the communication discipline of the future…and always will be.” 

M&A Communication: What Do You Need To Know To Be Effective?

M&A integration, and the internal and change communication that are essential to its success, will be a topic of increasing importance as the winners and ...

Making Measurement Your Most Effective Internal Comms Tool

It’s Simpler Than You Think

Rethinking Internal Communication: Five Bold Ideas

In a world where attention is the new gold - a scarce commodity to be fought over and won - it’s not enough to recycle traditional thinking and practices ...

Creating The Internal Comms Platform For Communication Leaders

Co-Authored with Chris Izquierdo, CEO, Sparrow Connected  Communication leaders have unprecedented choices when it comes to the technologies they can use ...

Editing The Organization - The Power Of Written Words To Drive Change

Recent developments in the remote and "hybrid" working worlds highlight the opportunity for communication professionals to provide structure and context t...

The Price Of Everything, The Value Of Nothing - Time To Get Out From Under The ROI Rock

One of the most frustrating things about internal communication is to see so many top practitioners struggling to get sufficient budgets and remits to mak...

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