By Julie Ford on September 11, 2023
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In this article, we'll delve into recent news stories that offer valuable insights into our field. From corporate restructuring trends to innovative return-to-office policies and catering to the unique needs of Gen Z employees, let's explore how these developments can shape our strategies.

 Decoding "Quiet Cutting" in Corporate Restructuring 

In the world of corporate restructuring, a new term has emerged - "quiet cutting." It refers to the practice of employers eliminating jobs and reassigning employees to new roles. Major players like Adidas, Adobe, IBM, and Salesforce have embraced this strategy as part of their restructuring efforts. 

  • Key Takeaway for Internal Comms Pros: During times of role reassignment, internal communications professionals play a crucial role. Collaborate closely with HR to anticipate employee questions and ensure clear, transparent communication. Ambiguity during restructuring can lead to negative cultural repercussions. 

Smucker's Innovative Approach to Return-to-Office Policies 

You may know J.M. Smucker for their jelly and jam products, but they're also making waves with their unique approach to in-office work policies. Smucker expects employees to be physically present in their Orrville, Ohio offices only 25% of the time worked each month. 

  • Key Takeaway for Internal Comms Pros: Smucker's flexible policy sets an example for the future of work. It demonstrates a corporate commitment to providing employees with flexibility, a key aspect of a positive work culture. This case study highlights the importance of adapting workplace policies to changing employee expectations. 

Cultivating Company Culture for Gen Z Employees 

Gen Z has entered the workforce with distinct expectations. They prioritize their health, value a positive work culture, and desire flexibility. According to Microsoft's Work Trend Index Annual Report, 75% of Gen Z employees consider flexibility a top job benefit. 

  • Key Takeaway for Internal Comms Pros: As communicators, our role is to ensure that our messaging resonates with employees of all generations, including Gen Z. Conducting pulse surveys to tailor communications and address employee needs can lead to more engagement and a positive work culture. 

In conclusion, internal communications professionals must remain agile and attuned to the evolving landscape. Whether it's adapting to "quiet cutting," embracing flexible work policies, or catering to the preferences of Gen Z employees, our ability to adapt and communicate effectively is paramount. 

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