By Hamza Waqar on December 19, 2023
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Effective communication forms the bedrock of any successful organization, influencing every aspect of its functioning. Today, we delve into the significance of employee communication and its role in shaping exceptional business cultures, particularly from an HR perspective. 

The Essence of Employee Communication 

The term 'employee communication' often interchanges with 'internal communication', albeit with nuanced differences. While internal communication cascades information across the organization, employee communication specifically refers to the information exchange between the employer and employees. 

Remember the era where internal communication was unidirectional— flowing top-down, with employees merely recipients of this information? Times have changed. Today, communication channels have evolved into dynamic, interactive, two-way streams. 

The Evolution of Employee Communication 

In the past, intranets, paper announcements, and managerial dispatches primarily shaped internal communication. The shift towards a more connected, technologically driven era has substantially altered this dynamic. 

We all remember the times when communication at work was increasingly digital, with intranets serving as a key platform. However, the content often lacked relevance to daily work, limiting its effectiveness. Nonetheless, the reality is, employee communication was—and will always be—ongoing. 

The current landscape of employee communication takes many forms, including emails, newsletters, digital meetings, and much more. This breadth and diversity in communication channels enhance information accessibility and employee engagement. 

But Why Is Employee Communication Crucial? 

Because it sets the tone of an organization's workplace environment. Effective employee communication ensures everyone is in sync with the company's goals and objectives, fostering organisational unity. 

A recent study by the European Journal of Business and Management Research found a direct correlation between effective business communication and employee performance. Therefore, successful employee communication is integral for organizations to cultivate trust, shape company culture, and impact productivity. 

Yet, many employees find the provided information either limited or irrelevant due to communication strategy gaps. This is where HR professionals step in, ensuring a strong communication management framework that relies heavily on leadership support, strategic direction, and measuring capabilities. 

The Ideal Medium for Employee Communication 

The perfect channel for employee communication is a dynamic concept, heavily influenced by an organization's size and requirements. For smaller companies, emails, instant messaging, and video conferencing work well, while larger companies may find an intranet or communication management platform more suitable. 

The introduction of employee apps and modern, mobile intranets also enhance information sharing by providing employees with a safe space for idea exchanges and initiative-driven discussions. The rule of thumb here is to use a medium that best suits your organization and its employees. 

An HR Perspective: Six Reasons Why Employee Communication Is Essential 

  • Universal Reach: Excellent communication improves productivity, fosters teamwork, enhances morale, facilitates efficient problem-solving, and delivers superb customer service. 
  • Multichannel Approach: Using multiple communication channels ensures employees receive essential updates, enhances employee engagement, provides flexibility, and allows efficient crisis management. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: Communication through personal devices improves accessibility, boosts productivity, and remains available at all times. 

HR professionals, it's time to grasp the immense potential of employee communication in shaping your organizational culture and productivity. As we move into an increasingly connected future, the significance of comprehensive and strategic employee communication will only magnify. 

Strengthen your organization's internal communication by understanding and implementing the best strategies on the best platform that meets your needs.  Schedule a meeting with Sparrow Connected to explore tailored solutions for your organization and unlock the power of effective internal communication. 

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